We will begin the family activities at 12 noon to around 3pm on Saturday, June 11th.

Painting with ArtReach Project

The ArtReach Project, a department of Artists for Community Transformation Intl, is going to create a City of Playfulness Community Banner. The banner will be made up of individual squares decorated with sharpies and watercolors by kids and families in response to the question, “what does play mean to you?”  These colorful and unique flags will then be strung together in ten foot banners that will travel throughout the city (community centers, city libraries, etc…) to celebrate and encourage play in our community. So fun!  People in the community will have opportunities all summer long to make a square to contribute to the banners. At the end of the summer, we’ll see how long it becomes. Come join us and  make this huge!

The ArtReach Project, a department of Artists for Community Transformation Intl, uses art as an outreach to inspire people to create as an act of service to others living in our community.

Check out more from the ArtReach Project here:

KZUM Sponsored Hayrack Ride around the farm from 3pm-7pm


This was a smash hit last year, so get there early and grab a seat!

Face Painting by SAS and FunTastic!


Check out more from FunTastic Face Paining here:

Musical Instrument Study During Workshops.

Please do not forget to sign up for the FREE workshops on the ‘WORKSHOPS‘ tab. These are kid-friendly lessons and the youngsters may learn a lot about the given instrument. 

Please, if you have any questions, please call Red Rebel Media at 402-435-5335